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Lucky VoxBox Thank You Influenster

I'm so happy that I received my very first Influencer VoxBox. I was so anxiously awaiting it that it came down to where I would be constantly at the front door thinking that I heard a noise (yes I know desperate). Finally, at the end of my fall break, my package was delivered to my front door. It was a blessing after a moody couple of days of bad weather and lack of motivation to blog so the package was quite welcome and cheered me up. I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.



WildSugar Scrub Review

This post is sponsored by JustHoneyBee's Handmade Cosmetics. They have wonderful natural made skincare products for all skin types. I'm so happy to be sponsored by them and I was honored to receive one of their very popular body sugar scrubs and I did a complete review over it! 


How To Keep Fit 

Even On The Busy Days

Ladies I know it's hard to keep in shape especially between work, school, and or kids. Scheduling is sometimes a hassle, The app store is a sea of potential, and workout gurus just aren't completely relatable. I started working out just to get a toned body, and at first, I was motivated, but after a few weeks I started to slow down and started skipping days even with the help of my iPhone notifications. So like the investigative woman I am. I researched ways to keep track and found some success! 




 I am honored to be nominated for The Liebster Award. It feels good to be recognized as a blogger and express more about myself. The Liebster Award is great for bloggers to express themselves and explore more blogs! I would like to thank Courtney Van Sanders for generously nominating me!




Hair Products

From a young age I always took care of my hair in a certain fashion for that is how I was raised. I do various styles from time to time but I always return my hair into the natural curly state. Some people believe it’s hard to get bouncy and soft hair and for me it was hard for a while until I found KeraCare!


Lexie Hair Co.

Lash Review

First I just want to give a big thank you to the CEO of Lexie Hair Co. Lexx Tramaine personally reached out to me to review her lashes. Now of course this is a big deal for me because this is my first brand review and I am in love with makeup so as soon as she asked I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve never ordered eyelashes online or from the source before. I usually go to my local beauty store and buy eyelashes. Even then I only wear eyelashes for special occasions, but these lashes are high quality, super inexpensive, and for every occasion!


August Makeup 


August was a wonderful month of beauty where everything was on sale and little beauty treasures were found. I have to share some beauty products I found with you because August may be over but these makeup products are absolutely timeless. 


Unicorn Snot Glitter

Gel Review

This maybe the oddest name and beauty product that I have ever heard of, but you cannot judge a book by its cover. I’m glad I did not because this gel has made my hair and body sparkle beautifully. It has all day lasting affect and it does not make a mess. So loves if you love glitter then I suggest you continue reading!